What are the advantages of an expandable steel baton over a stun gun? How effective is it? What steps must you do to ensure its proper usage? Read on and find out.

Expandable Steel Baton Vs Stun Gun

A stun gun may come in small, deceptively normal everyday objects like cellphones or flashlights but you can only use it once the assailant is near you. Cases have occurred when victims had their stun guns ready at the palm of their hands but were unable to use them because they found the situation too overwhelming. Who wouldn’t be scared if you come face to face with a rapist, murderer or thief, anyway?

This is where the expandable or telescopic steel baton proves to be more advantageous than the stun gun. You get to use it even when your assailant is still a foot or two away from you. At this time, you can still trust yourself not to go wobbly or too afraid to move. Plus, the mere sight of this baton can keep most criminals away simply because they know how it works.

This device is also great against rabid dogs and bears who just decided to have you for dinner. With just a flick of your wrist, this baton can emit enough power to send those creatures to sleep.

Is it Effective?

Upon use, a 13-inch baton of this type will start shocking as it extends to as much as 21.5 inches and hits hard upon contact. This action has been found to break small bones in an assailant’s body and may stop him instantly. But what if the attacker is too huge, too drunk or too drugged? No worries because this device has enough power to incapacitate even huge individuals wearing clothes as thick as ½ inch, what with 2.5 million volts of stopping power.

Your attacker won’t be able to grab it from you because the wrist snap is attached to you. And in case he tries to grab it from its end, he’ll be too dazed to realize that he made a huge mistake. It’s because the metal strips that line the tip is electrically charged as well.

How to Use It

It is very important that you first check with the existing laws of your state before buying this non-lethal weapon. Some states allow it while others don’t. Then, tell yourself that you will only use it as a last resort. And, train yourself well in using it. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Slip your hand into the wrist strap. It must fit your wrist perfectly. Make the necessary adjustments to prevent it from slipping.

2. Hold it firmly in your hand and flip your wrist as fast as you can.

3. Think of it as a hi-tech sword – the kind that you see in sci-fi movies. Practice aiming it at any and all directions, angle your body to the side, turn around, etc. This will prepare you in the event of an attack. You’ll never know which direction he’ll come from, would you?

4. Close it. Hold it parallel to the ground and tap it until it retracts.

An expandable steel baton has the advantage of distance and power over a stun gun. Use it only to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones.