Before you hire a roofing contractor you need to make sure that you have the right person to take good care of the roofing project and complete it the way you want it. You need to do a proper background check of a roofer not only for the sake of quality work but to make it sure that both you and your property are safe from contractor scams. Make it sure that you check a few essential qualities or aspects in a roofer before you hire him. Here are 5 essential qualities that you should see before you hire roofing contractors. Take a close look at them.


Trustworthy roofing pros must arrange all the essential permits. As a homeowner you should know the fact that it I not that easy to start off with major renovations on your roof. You are going to need some permits to start a major roof installation or repair. These permits actually give you the right to carry on with the job of roofing. So before you are going to start off with the work ask the roofer whether he has the necessary permits or not. If the roofer asks you to arrange the permit you should better avoid the contractor. It is actually the liability of roofing contractors to acquire all the permits, which are necessary for the roofing.


A roofing professional must be insured. You should check all the paperwork or documents that prove that the pro has liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance. Do not hire an uninsured professional. In case an uninsured roofer gets injured during the work it will entire become your responsibility to pay for the injury. So check the insurance related documents to avoid this expensive responsibility.


Legitimate pros should give you a warranty. Warranties specify that the professional is confident about his work. It is a promise that the quality of work is going to meet your expectations.


Reference check is a good way to gauge the trustworthiness of a roofer. When you are about to hire a roofer check how many references the entity can offer. An established as well as authentic roofing contractor should not have any problem giving you a list of at least 6 to 8 clients whom he has served previously. In general most reliable as well as experienced roofing contractors have ready references with them as they always ask satisfied customers to provide a rating or testimonial at the end of a project. Therefore ask for testimonials and scrutinize them prior to offering a job to a roofer. You can also call up some of the references to make it sure that they are really happy with the job done by the contractor.

Registered & permanent business place

A registered as well as permanent business place does indicate the authenticity of roofing contractors. Trustworthy contractors do not hesitate to give you a permanent address from where they conduct their business. You can at least rest assured that they are not going to run off once the payment is made to them. Apart from a permanent place a roofing contractor should have a land line as well.

By keeping an eye on these essential aspects you are sure to check the reliability aspects of roofing contracts. A roofer with all these qualities ensures that you are going to get a flawless work from him.