Today, bathrooms have become a haven for many people who are seeking peace and quiet from the fast pace in their everyday life. Modern trends lean more toward the larger bathroom but there still lies a challenge in designing and remodeling the smaller bathroom.

One unique design for a smaller bathroom is the corner bathtub. This type of tub actually saves on wall space and fits into many different bathroom floor plans while at the same time gives the room a unique feel and look. The corner bathtub is a very popular choice for a smaller bathroom, especially those that have very limited floor space. Rather than the bathtub taking up a main part of the bathroom like the traditional free standing bathtub does, this tub that fits into the corner simply takes up only the corner. This allows more room for other bathroom fixtures, including vanities and toilets.

Corner bathtubs are very appealing additions to any type of today’s bathroom set. They are made from the very same materials as traditional tubs with the main difference being that the corner tub is designed especially to be installed into a corner. It is set into the corner to attract attention and complete the image of the overall look of the bathroom. This tub is typically smaller than the traditional tub but does not take away the bathtub’s utility. A corner bathtub is usually placed under a window and has a drain located either in the center of the tub or on the side. It can be made to fit into both curved and angled spaces.

Benefits of corner bathtubs:

~as a built-in tub, cleaning the floors around the tub is very easy.

~are built with a deck to hold necessary bath items.

~generally made to hold two people.

~can be made to fit between adjoining vanities or cabinets; therefore, saving a lot of space.