Silverfish are a common pest in homes. They are attracted to damp, dark spaces and eat cellulose. This includes books, papers, cloth and wallpaper. Although they don’t bite or carry germs and diseases like other insect pests, they can do extensive damage to your possessions. Silverfish are hard to eradicate. Even exterminators are challenged in getting rid of these nuisances and keeping them gone.

There are steps you can take to make your home less attractive to this pest to prevent an infestation. Easy to do, they will make it less likely to draw the insect if you live in an area that is prone to them.

· Check your plumbing. Silverfish are attracted to damp areas. Make sure that you don’t have leaky pipes under the house, in the basement or under cabinets. These damp areas will attract the pest and give them the perfect breeding grounds.

· Humidity matters. High humidity levels lead to the same dampness that silverfish love. Purchasing a dehumidifier to maintain proper levels in areas prone to dampness, such as the basement, can make your home less attractive to silverfish.

· Keeping it clean. Silverfish prefer to eat starches and sugars. Sweeping up spills and crumbs, sealing books and paper in plastic bags and keeping food sealed in plastic containers will remove the main source of food for the insects.

Although these steps will make your home less attractive to silverfish, it’s still possible to get them and if you do, you will want to do everything you can to get rid of them. The key to eliminating silverfish is killing their eggs. Once you see this insect in your home, they have already begun breeding and have laid the eggs for a new generation of pests.

To rid your home of silverfish, permanently, you need to know the following:

· How to trap and kill silverfish adults to stop their breeding.

· The understanding of what made your home a target for the pest infestation in the first place.

· Step by step instructions on the best way to eliminate the conditions that made your home a great place for silverfish to live and reproduce.

· A thorough understanding of what silverfish eat and how to eliminate the source of this food so that you will reduce their numbers and interrupt the breeding cycle.

· The steps you need to take to make your efforts at getting rid of silverfish permanent. You want to make and keep your home completely silverfish free.

Most of the solutions you can find online are temporary and do nothing to kill the silverfish eggs. Killing the eggs is the only way to stop silverfish from beginning the cycle again once the next generation of eggs has hatched.

To find out the best ways to make your home silverfish free, and keep it that way you need to learn from someone who has been there. Someone who faced the same problems you do and learned how to get rid of silverfish permanently.