It is quite natural for countertops in bathrooms to get dirty with splatters and splotches of things like shoe polish, hair spray and shampoo. This is why most countertops are made of materials like cultured marble, ceramic tile and plastic laminate that can bear the brunt of this assault as they are durable and easy to clean.

Cultured marble is like real marble, but is more versatile and easy to maintain in bathrooms. However avoid using steel wool pads or abrasive cleaners whilst cleaning them as it only scratches the surface and makes it difficult to clean it.

Use baking soda for cleaning bathrooms

Plastic laminate bathroom countertops are made of thin layers of plastic that are imposed on craft paper, and then overlaid on plywood or a particle board. This is why you find colour in these countertops only in the top layer which may have a glossy, matte or textured surface on them. If required, you could brighten its surface by lightly applying some furniture wax on it.

Plastic laminate countertops in bathrooms should be cleaned using a two-sided scrubbing pad. The fibre side is just abrasive enough to get rid of greasy smears and soil after moistening it. Then the scrubber has to be turned over, and the sponge side used for wiping the countertop surface clean.

Stubborn stains can be removed by sprinkling some baking soda on the spot, and then gently scrubbing it away. If you find no difference with this, the next option you have is to clean it with a polishing cleanser and a wet sponge.

Tips for cleaning bathroom mirrors

Now that you have your bathroom countertop cleaned, you have to move on to the bathroom mirror that faces equal abuse everyday. The best way to clean mirrors is with a clean and dry cloth, along with the following suggestions.

You could also pour some vinegar in a shallow bowl, dip a crumbled newspaper in it and use the paper to wipe the glass. Do this a few times till the mirror is almost dry after which you have to clean it again with a soft cloth or dry newspaper.

Toilets are the most difficult to clean in bathrooms

Cleaning the toilet is the most arduous cleaning job in bathrooms. However fortunately, most toilet bowls and tanks are made of vitreous china and are easy to clean. Read the label of your cleaning product before cleaning your toilet to learn its chemical makeup and instructions for using the product.

Be careful when you mix products with chlorine bleach and ammonia and don’t let them remain in the toilet for too long, or touch other surfaces. Always use rubber gloves whilst handling them. Disinfect your toilet bowl by letting half cup chlorine bleach stand in it for ten minutes.

You then have to scrub using a long handled toilet brush, and flush. Never use chemical toilet bowl cleaners for cleaning the bathtub or sink as they will only ruin its finish.

This done, you will have clean bathrooms and toilets ready for use for at least four to seven days, after which you have to repeat the process once again.