The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to make over. If you do not have the time or the money to repaint and retile, you can make a few simple changes and essentially get a whole new room. Apply a good scrubbing and a few decorating tricks and welcome to your shiny, new bathroom.

Scrub a Dub. If your faucets are covered with hard water stains they make your whole bathroom look old and dingy. To bring them back to life simply soak a cloth in vinegar and use it to buff your faucets. When your faucets are shiny, the entire sink and counter looks brighter.

In with the New. When you look at the same, sad little grouping of accessories day after day they just look tired and old. Keep your countertops looking bright and fresh by adding new accessories. You do not have to buy anything, simply look around your house and bring in something from another room.

Make Scents. Adding a new smell to your bathroom can give it a whole different aesthetic. Add a scented candle to the space, or you may want to add a display of scented soaps to your countertop.

Update Towels. While you use your towels everyday, you probably never really stop to look at them. If they look tired and worn invest a few dollars in some new towels. You can find inexpensive towels easily, and you may even want to grab a new shower curtain while you are at it. If you change the colors of towels and shower curtain, your bathroom will have a whole new look instantly.

Wall Art. Walls can be updated quickly and easily, not with paint, but with pictures. Add your favorite photo collection, or some color coordinated pictures. You can add wall art to your space, or even a clock or barometer.

Color the Floor. If you need an infusion of color in the room, choose a colorful bathmat to include in the room. You can choose a bold color or design if the rest of the room is feeling a little plain.

Kill the Clutter. Clear off your countertops, and put everything away. If you do not have enough cabinet space, use baskets or an over the door organizer. You may also want to mount a few floating shelves to your wall to use for accessories if your countertops are small.

Cabinet Mirrors. A really quick way to change the look of your bathroom is to simply attach mirror squares to your bathroom cabinet doors. You can use strong craft glue to secure the squares, and this will instantly add brilliance to the entire space.

New Shower Liner. If you have a shower curtain liner, replace it with a new one. If you prefer to clean it, then throw it in your washer with some bleach and wash on gentle in cold water. Either way, you will have a sparkling, mildew free curtain liner in your bathroom.

Wonderful Windows. Bathroom window treatments get tired after a while, so pull down your old window treatments, and put up some new curtains or blinds. Look for fabrics and materials that will stand up to high humidity.