You have been given more responsibility at work, along with it a large pay rise. You have visited your bank and they have given you a new mortgage so you can now move from the house you purchased 10 years. The house that you purchased before you got married and had two children, the house that you no longer all feel comfortable in due to limiting space.

Many of us have upscaled our properties due to circumstances similar to these as an ever expanding family makes a bigger house and more space a must. The need for another bedroom, bathroom or a bigger kitchen with extra utility space and an extra sink for washing a muddy dog or pair of football boots in.

However, people that purchase a new house very rarely get everything that they require, a parking space, distance to work or school are usually top of the list. There are areas that are usually compromised on, the property may need some refurbishment inside to turn it into the house of their dreams. Kitchen and bathroom units are usually the first things that are changed.

During the 1980s the colour schemes used were usually greens, apricots and pinks. The suites installed during this time were all very part of the time, but without updating they can look very dated to most people.

If you want to update an old suite where do you start? The first job is to research the type of appliances and furniture you require, do you want a bath and shower, a walk in shower, or just one of these? Do you require a modern look or traditional Oak look for the furniture, do you want a mixer or single tap, and what type of sink cabinet will fit your needs. There is a lot to decide before the next stage.

Purchasing online can be a very easy process, many online companies offer a one stop shop where you can purchase all of your bathroom oak furniture form them in one order.

The next stage is hiring a tradesman to take out all of the old fittings, the toilet, sink, and bath all need to go to make place for your new look. Once you have an empty space you can then think about the installation of a new bath, shower and Oak furniture. Followed by some appropriate floor tiles or vinyl.

Bathroom sink units are a piece of furniture that can really change the look of the whole room. And getting the correct one for the look you require and the quality that you need can take a lot of research of pinpoint the one that you require.

Cabinets come in many different finishes from Oak to MDF, some of the cheaper and more common types are made from MDF-Medium Density Fibreboard, a board that is made from fibres that are compressed and stuck together with wax and resin. These are offer good value for money and come in varying colours, but typical white or cream.

For more of a high-end finish a solid wood unit is a good choice for people, one of the best types of wood to use is oak and these can be finished in a light or dark varnish finish, or even carefully painted with a wood paint or stain to match the colour scheme of the room.

The advantage of a oak furniture is that it will outlast one made from MDF, and quality like this will look as good after 10 years as it was the day it was installed. Make sure that if your bathroom is in need of some refurbishment, look no further than a new sink unit that will sit within your newly refurbished bathroom with pride of place.