Head Lice treatments – what exactly happens when you put synthetic pesticides on a child’s head?

The first thing to note is hair is the breeding ground for head lice and hair comes out of a child’s scalp. The scalp is an extension of the skin which is a body’s largest organ. Yes, organ – like the kidneys, lungs, and heart. Skin may seem smooth but is actually very porous. Skin has openings called pores that open and close to regulate body temperature (for instance, they release sweat) and openings called hair follicles from which the hair grows. Both of these are entryways into the body.

Hair follicles are considered shunt routes into the skin. That means drugs and chemicals are rapidly absorbed through the hair follicles in the scalp. Recently, it has been shown that the hair follicles are responsible for a fast delivery of topically applied substances. In one study, caffeine that was applied to the scalps of bald men showed caffeine in their blood stream within five minutes.

But when treating for head lice, most treatments are chemical pesticide preparations that are known neuro-toxins. These shampoos and lotions are poisons intended to kill the head lice. The level of toxicity is supposedly enough to kill the lice but not affect the child. However, due to pesticide resistance, many treatments are losing effectiveness. So in order to continue the level of success, the pesticides have gotten stronger and more lethal. And most call for multiple applications since these products do not kill the ‘nits’ or eggs.

Yes, toxic pesticides go through rigorous studies to determine maximum safe levels of exposure. But the “safe” levels are determined for 180 pound males. Not 45 pound growing children with developing brains.

So applying head lice treatments to a child’s scalp is knowingly putting toxic, synthetic chemicals which will be delivered into the blood stream of the child within minutes. This is basically poisoning a child!

Wait, what? How can this be?! Who is in charge here to allow such nonsense? The EPA has said it is safe and the pharmaceutical companies say it is safe so it is, right? Wrong!

Children have been known to suffer headaches, experience memory lapses, become restless and irritable plus suffer from ‘brain fog’ for days after a treatment. Any wonder? They’ve had poisons put on their heads!

Treating head lice should ONLY be done with safe, natural products and procedures that do not poison our children.