One of the most important models of countertop for any home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, is Corian. Corian countertops have all the main necessities needed for these rooms. These countertops are:

· Extremely durable

· Nonporous (i.e. they won’t absorb spills and moisture)

· Stain resistant

· Incredibly solid

It’s solid and stain resistant nature makes Corian countertops perfect for kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, while its nonporous qualities work well when used as wall cladding in showers. Also incredibly versatile, Corian can be molded and shaped to fit a wide number of angles for various projects in your home.

There’s a reason Corian countertops are used in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other specialized environments. The nonporous nature of Corian allows for easy sterilization and no seepage of hazardous materials into the countertops. If it’s good enough for a hospital, it’s good enough for your home!

A Wide Variety Of Colors And Patterns

With Corian countertops, your design needs are always covered. Corians offer a wide range of color and pattern options, assuring your ideas for the ideal countertop can be accomplished. Not only does Corian come in over 100 color variations, but the color consistency is evenly spaced throughout the piece. Whether you’re putting up a small shelf or a massive countertop, the color will never vary with Corian.

Corian colors include:

· Bright colors

· Pastels

· Elemental colors

· Dark colors such as navy or black

No matter the color scheme of your décor, Corian has a color that can match. The colors of Corian work in gradients which reflect nature’s variations, meaning your countertop will maintain its attractiveness for the long run.

Long Lasting Strength

A Corian countertop is built to be used. Unlike other flimsy countertops on the market, you will never have to worry about putting your Corian to the test. These countertops can take a steady beating over the years and never crack or break. The average kitchen countertop undergoes a good amount of abuse over the years, from meat tenderizing to chopping onions and beyond. The last thing you should have to worry about while working away in the kitchen is the countertop getting cracked, broken, or stained. With Corian, you never have to worry.

Do you have children or pets? These worthy housemates tend to add quite a bit of wear and tear around your residence, but they won’t be able to break your Corian countertops. So you may worry about broken windows, scuffed floors and walls, and stains on the furniture, but your countertops will always be perfectly fine.

The Choice Is Clear

You have a specific idea for the design, color scheme, shape, and thickness of your countertops. Once executed, you want those counter tops to last as long as the house lasts, immune from the normal wear and tear that threatens the makeup of any interior. With Corian you have the color spectrum and versatility to accomplish any shape, design, or color you need, plus the durability to ensure a long life of fantastic looking counter tops. Don’t trust your counters with anything less.