Have you been planning to get a new fish tank or aquarium for your home? Are you considering other cost efficient options on fish tanks aside from those that are made from 100% pure glass? Do you want to have a durable yet attractive fish tank that will last long? Then perhaps it would be wise to consider investing in acrylic glass or Perspex aquariums! It might be your first time coming across aquariums of such types, but in reality, acrylic glass aquariums have been around for many years. Let’s take a closer look at this type of product in the next paragraphs.

Fish tanks or aquariums made from acrylic or high quality Perspex sheets are quite popular nowadays. This type of aquarium possesses the right qualities that you will need in an aquarium! In the past, acrylic aquariums weren’t well-received by the public because they were prone to scratching. However, over time Perspex sheet suppliers and companies have developed newer, better and scratch-resistant types of acrylic aquariums. Aside from being scratch-resistant, aquariums made from high quality acrylic sheets also weigh less compared to their glass counterparts.

The first Perspex aquariums didn’t really appeal to the public because they were of poor quality and they distorted the view inside the tank. However, this problem has since been addressed and nowadays acrylic glass aquariums are not only a cheaper option but a popular one as well.

There are many advantages that you can get from using aquariums and fish tanks made from clear Perspex sheets. They are enumerated below:

• It can be formed into any shape and size. Perspex or acrylic aquariums are extremely versatile which means you can form them into different shapes and sizes you want. There is no limitation on the size or shape you want for it unlike glass. There is acrylic aquariums and fish tanks shaped like hexagons, cylinders, pentagons and so on.

• Less view distortion compared to glass. Viewing through an acrylic aquarium is better compared to glass because there is less distortion. Seawater and acrylic are known to have the same refractive light index. This will make the view inside the aquarium as realistic as possible for you.

• Easier accommodation of plumbing and filtration needs. When you opt for aquariums made from clear acrylic sheets, it will be easy for you to meet needs in plumbing and infiltration because it is easier to cut acrylic compared to glass.

• It is lightweight. Because Perspex is lightweight, you can easily transport and move the aquarium wherever you want.

• It is durable. Like most Perspex products on the market today, acrylic aquariums are also very durable and will not easily crack or break like glass. Although acrylic is prone to scratching, the scratches can be removed simply by buffing it up.

• It provides better insulation. You’re not the only one who will benefit from using acrylic aquariums but the fish and marine life inside it too! Acrylic aquariums have better heat retention qualities compared to glass tanks.