The office represents a company’s brand or business. Your advertising and branding may have been seen by clients, vendors or potential clients. They will see it in person, and then it becomes a reality. It is worth creating a reliable, professional impression of that reality.

Of course, your decor can do a lot for you. We have a blog post on choosing the best entrance mat to your home.

Custom logo rug is meant to protect floors, and keep the place spotless. A strong and durable entrance mat can hold dirt and keep it from getting swept away. You can buy office entrance mats in rolls or grids. They are made out of nylon, synthetic propylene, or coconut mats.

Custom HTML Logo Entry Mats

These mats may be printed with your company’s logo, slogan, branding or marketing. You can purchase custom logo mats that are made of nylon, polyamides, polyester, propylene or nylon. They can be inlaid or printed with your branding. Printing is a good option for intricate logos. These mats will last longer as they are printed with high-quality dyes using a machine printer. Door mats with inlaid designs are made using a different process. The base mat acts as a template for cutting the entire logo design.  Inlaid logo work looks great and lasts for longer times, even when it is in high traffic areas. These mats can also be made from synthetic fibers or coir and remove dirt and grime while keeping it out-of-sight.

Who Should Buy: Logo rugs can be used to display professionalism, seriousness or brand assets. They exude sophistication and elegance with their luxurious look. They can be displayed at your front door to help you build brand awareness.

Recessed Well Entry Mats

If the door has an opening in the recess, it will require a mat with a recessed hole. Recessed mats are able to allow the mat to rest lower than it is on the floor. This allows for a smooth and level entrance to ensure that the mat doesn’t stick out or cause injury.

Who is the right person to purchase These mats will work best if you have an outdoor or indoor recess. If there are many people using your premises, it is vital that the mat allows wheelchair movement. The mats received well serve this purpose. These mats work well in offices that receive lots of foot traffic. A mat that is flush to floor ensures visitors are safe from falling and embarrassing falls.

Drainage Entrance Maps

Drainage mats come with holes and slats to allow water, snow, ice, and other substances through them. This makes the surface less slippery while keeping it dry. These mats allow dirt, grime, and mud to slide right to the bottom. This is hidden from plain vision. This ensures that there are no muddy spots on the office floors. This reduces the chances of accidental slips or falls. These mats can be made of rubber or vinyl, which are durable and resistant to dirt.