Maple hardwood flooring adds a warm, natural look to your room. For ideal results you should install the right maple flooring. To be on the safe side here are the factors that you should consider when making the purchase:

Solid Vs. Engineered

Both solid and engineered flooring have their pros and cons. Solid hardwood is the most durable and costly as it’s made from a single block of wood. The good thing is that you can refinish it multiple times and doesn’t wear out fast.

Engineered maple flooring on the other hand is cost effective and resists moisture more effectively than solid flooring. While the flooring has these advantages, it usually doesn’t last for a long time. If your house has pets and children the flooring easily gets scratched and dented. It also can’t be refinished; therefore, the damage that occurs is permanent.


Maple hardwood flooring comes in different grades that have different features. Grade one is the most expensive and has a clear, uniform look with no evidence of knots. Grade two has a clean appearance, but can sometimes have some darker areas. Grade 3 has a rustic look and a more knotted appearance. The cool thing is that it’s the least expensive; therefore, you don’t have to part with a large amount of money.


There are different colors that you can go for. If you have a small room you should go for maple flooring with light shades such as cream, yellow, and tan. If your house is large, you should go for flooring with deeper colors such as reddish-brown hue. The darker colors are most ideal when you install them in the kitchen, dining room or living room.

How to Clean Maple Hardwood Flooring

For the floor to retain its elegant look for a long time you should clean it regularly. When cleaning you should start with sweeping the floor in order to remove dirt and debris. After removing the dirt and debris you should now mop the floor using a damp mop. If your floor is dirty or grimy you should add a little bit of hardwood flooring cleaner.

In areas that have very tough or hardened stains you should use a very fine steel wool to clean the stains. For ideal results you should ensure that the steel wool is damp. If necessary you should use a mild detergent. To avoid damage to the floor you should apply the detergent to the steel wool-you shouldn’t apply it directly on the floor.