Free energy devices allow you to produce electricity for your home from energy sources around you, without any monthly cost. The only money you have to pay involves the money in initially setting up the devices. Once installed, you can earn the benefit of free energy for your home, for years and years. Free energy systems have been developed by energy enthusiasts around the world. Many of these techniques have been studied further, improved, tested, and proven to be reliable and efficient.

The devices are so simple that they are constructed using basic electric, mechanical, and electronic components; and once set up, require little maintenance cost. The following are a few devices that can be constructed using very simple and easily available components, and serve to illustrate the proof of concept of free energy systems.

A small device that can convert electromagnetic energy from radio waves to electrical energy can be assembled to illustrate the working of its more sophisticated free energy counterpart. The device can be made up of simple components such as antennae, capacitors, inductors, chokes, resistors and other elements. Several such simple devices could be used to generate enough electricity for your household needs. A similar device could be constructed using antennae, a series of diodes, and a capacitor bank.

Another type of free energy device uses static electricity to generate current electricity for your home. A similar device can be constructed using conductors or wires insulated on the edges using nylon or some other insulating device, to absorb the static charges around it. With the help of spark plugs, ignition coils, condensers, diodes, and a battery, the charges could be accumulated and collected, and then converted to usable electricity.

Some free energy devices use energy from the solar and cosmic radiation around us to generate electricity. These devices are based on the magnifying transmitter invented by Nicola Tesla over a century ago. An appliance to demonstrate the proof of concept can be made of simple materials such as aluminum plates, insulated wires, capacitors, and diodes. The device is relative easy to set up; and once installed and properly grounded, it will keep providing electricity constantly.