Labels are put on products so that purchasers/consumers can feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A label not only tells you what is in the product but it can also offer a sense of comfort and warranty. It is guaranteed that most people will put back a product that does not have a label and pick one up that does. What do you think?

One label that consumers should be on the lookout for when purchasing any appliance for their home and/or office is the Energy Star label.

So, what is the Energy Star label?

Energy Star is a voluntary program that is backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The duty of Energy Star is to help individuals and businesses save money while also making sure our planet is protected by use of energy efficient products.

Without the regulation and availability of energy efficient products our planet would (I hate to say this) but it would cease to exist within the next few generations, most likely. It is Energy Stars mission to make sure that energy efficient products are promoted and used by all inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

Before Energy Star all new technological products were not regulated or tested for energy efficiency. When new products came out and were sold to the public because it would benefit their way of life, in some way. The people were quick to jump without knowing that these products could potentially harm them as well as the planet. Take for example the refrigerator. When it first came out the people were in shock. They could finally cool their food and save it from becoming spoiled for a few weeks. What they did not know, along with the scientists that created the product, was that a certain chemical used to power the refrigerator could cause death to those who came in contact with it if it were to leak. This was not figured out until it actually happened. People became scared of relying on this new technological advancement and they thought twice about purchasing one.

Although a new chemical was made that would not be of any harm to the people or the environment if it was to leak, it goes to show you that a separate company was needed. Not only would the products be tested to make sure that they would cause no threat to the public, the people would also feel a sense of security knowing that the product would not be sold if it was not fully tested. Makes sense right?

The U.S. Government alongside the EPA caught up to this idea and established Energy Star in 1992. Air pollution and green house gases needed to be controlled because they could negatively affect the public and most importantly the environment in which we strive in. It was the job of Energy Star to research, evaluate and demonstrate strategies that makes sure products benefit us while also not putting our health, the environment and our world in danger.

Energy Star got the ball rolling and labeled their first energy efficient product(s): the computer. By 1995 they expanded their labels to test energy efficiency in all office products alongside all residential and commercial heating and air conditioning equipment.

The public needed to be aware of the fact that they were getting what they paid for and the label is what would make them feel secure. The Energy Star label on these products allowed people to feel as though they were being told by Energy Star personally that this product is energy efficient and it will not harm you or your family. Believe it or not, a label like this can really take the stress load off of a homeowner.

Under the EPA’s leadership Energy Star has, and will continue, to market and approve energy efficient products. The economy will continue to be stimulated by this program because people will always want to save money. The way they look at it is that if they are saving energy, they are also saving money. Energy Star not only promotes these energy efficient products but they also educate the population on the importance of using the approved products. Suddenly everyone wants to save the planet, because saving the planet means that not only will their future be bright but their children will also grow up trying to be more energy efficient. It is like one big circle that can do no harm.

To this day Energy Star is partnered with 18,000 private and public organizations. The influence of Energy Star on these organizations is to deliver technical information and tools that are needed in order to make, and choose, energy efficient products that will work best for them and not burn a hole in their pockets. In 2012, alone, Energy Star saved businesses, organizations and consumers $24 billion!!

When it all comes down to it, always look for the Energy Star label when buying any product that runs off of an energy source. Not only will you save money but it also shows that you stand behind the movement: to help the environment in any way possible to ensure the future of the generations to come. Energy efficient products are the future and without them we would be using more energy than we should be. Although energy cannot be created or destroyed it can be conserved and it all starts with us!