No matter the work we do, we often find that stains are just part of the work day. For nurses, that can sometimes be an understatement. Their uniform scrubs encounter a number of substances over the day, and sometimes their nursing uniforms can have a dingy appearance to them.

Because of the price that is involved with these uniform scrubs, you can’t just simply toss them away and pick up a replacement every time you get a stain. That is why cleaners like Brite White are an essential tool for you to have to keep your nursing uniforms looking brilliant.

Washing your uniform scrubs in cold water is usually a great idea, and Brite White, which can be found at online websites can help to make the cleaning process easier. It is formulated to work powerfully, not only breaking down the tough stains on your nursing uniforms, but giving them an overall new look.

Pre-treating will also prove to be an important part of the process. When blood, vomit or other substances get on your clothes, you will want to take care of them quickly. Not only is this important for health concerns, but they will stain quickly as well.

When this happens to one of your uniform scrubs, head to the bathroom and take the garment off. Using cold water, remove the stain that has formed on it. Wearing gloves during this time is a good idea. Scrub the stain gently with mild hand soap to begin working into the fabric. Don’t dry it under any heat source until the stain is gone. Air drying will not harm it, but be sure you don’t rinse out the soap. This will prevent the stain from setting.

You should have some nursing uniforms at work, and if you do, change into them quickly if possible. If not, see if you can borrow another from someone else, for sanitary reasons, you don’t want to put your uniform right back on. Of course, sometimes these stains go unnoticed and dry on our clothes before we can treat them.

If this happens, you are still okay. The trick is to use cold water, and never hot water for removing a stain. The heat can cause the stain to set. Go over each stain with a toothbrush or fine combed object with a little soap. On whites, you can use vinegar, but never use bleach. Bleaching a garment for pretreatment can cause further damage to the article, even it is white.

Should you be in a pinch, and the stain still won’t come out, try a little rubbing alcohol. This can be a good way to break down tougher stains, including ones that have a greasy base to them. You may need to let them soak for some time, but after a bit they should be good as new.

Of course, on your uniform scrubs you can also use Brite White as we mentioned earlier. This can be used as either a pre-treatment or additive to your washing machine. It will help get nursing clothes back to their best, and save you some of the troubles with getting rid of stains.