Self storage facilities offer unrivalled flexibility and economical advantages for storing extra belongings of yours. More and more people are turning to self storage facilities as a cost effective way of storing excess things without the restrictions of warehouses which only operate during office hours. With a de-cluttered home and office, space is instantly increased and can be used to store things that are much more important. Let’s discuss some reasons why self storage is beneficial for personal usage.

Value for money

Self storage rentals are based on the size of the storage unit used and they range from different sizes, allowing customers to choose one that suits their needs most. With proper planning and packing, customers can effectively maximise the storage unit and pay for what they use only. Gone are the days where you have to rent a large warehouse simply to store some items, causing you to waste money on unused space. Also, you do not have to use the movers from the facility. Instead, you are free to engage your own professional movers to transport your belongings, allowing you to search for the best deal possible.

All in one price

In self storage, you pay the price that is indicated. There are no hidden charges such as security fees or facilities maintenance fees. In fact, most self storage units provided manned security and features such as CCTV to beef up the security of the facility absolutely free of charge without imposing a fee on customers. You are responsible for the security of your own storage unit though. Customers are required to use their own locks to secure the access to their unit.


There are no long term contracts or hidden clauses when you sign the lease. Rentals can be as short as 1 month and you do not need to rent for a minimum period. This can allow customers to rent based on their own needs such as renovations in their home or an overseas work trip for a few months.

Discounts for pre-payments

Some self storage companies even provide discounts if you make pre-payments for your rental. Since making pre-payment will allow them to secure a customer for a few months, they will be more than happy to provide some discounts as a form of friendly gesture.

Self storage allow customers to customise the storage unit size and rental period based on their own needs, providing flexibility and value for money features. With such advantageous terms, self storage is here to stay.