Zero cost energy systems consist of a collection of devices that generate electrical energy from zero cost energy sources around us. These systems use some of the most dependable and effective free energy techniques developed to this day. The devices and the technology behind their working have been well researched, tested, and verified. Once installed, Free energy systems enable you to fulfill the electricity requirements for your home, without your paying any money to your electric company.

One of the methods that some free energy systems employ is the conversion of static electricity to current electricity. These systems absorb the electric charges always present in the atmosphere, and generate electric current that can be used by us. You can construct a simple device using widely available components to verify the proof of concept of this technique.

The device consists of a long electric wire (about 100 m) that is suspended a few metres above the ground, and not in contact with any other conductors. The ends of the wire are kept away from the ground and covered with nylon thread to prevent the wire from touching any conducting material. The length and height of the wire determines the accumulation rate of the charge, and the wire must remain stiff at all times. Alternatively you could lay out the wire in an S shape with horizontal and vertical sections alternating one another.

Once laid out, the wire must be attached to different components such as a spark plug, a condenser, an ignition coil, a diode, and a battery, at specific positions, and earthed at some points as well. The wire will absorb electrostatic charges from the atmosphere which is then guided by the other components to the battery which stores these charges. This stored charge can be used anytime to produce electric current. This process is a continuous one, as the wire keeps accumulating charges all the time.

The extent of the amount of electricity produced depends on the weather as well. A windy weather increases the efficiency, whereas a humid atmosphere reduces the efficiency of the device.