Entryways to offices and businesses, homes and showrooms need to be exceptionally striking. Arches in fancy colors and materials are fine, but the walls and floors need a garnish too, rather than the painting and the tiles alone. Mosaic medallions in an exotic range of shapes, sizes and designs would elevate the spirits with a dramatic focus and exciting imagery. Though rather small at 36″ circles or two square feet, medallions create sharp and multicolored blends or contrasts with the backgrounds of colors or tiles that may be striking enough.

The mosaic medallion designs and colors truly speak the language of the heart. Whether it is floral shapes or abstract art, industrial ideas or geometric designs, the artists do deserve a pat on the back. Browse the selection and you are definitely going to find a few that tally with what the innermost desires cherish. Mellow or bright, soulful or intense, dreamy and far fetched, they are all available.

Venues for installations

Though often placed at entryways, other locations may be chosen too for these little bits of heaven! Tiring of sameness that you find everywhere, some focal points are necessary in each section of the house or business premises. Furniture and appliances, electronics and art works also play a crucial part in relieving the tedium with refreshing new ideas, thoughts and images. Mosaic medallions become a permanent part of the surroundings and are durable and thought provoking enough to sustain interest through the years.

Favorite materials

Whether it is marble or travertine or blends of various materials like stone, glass and metal, the variety of floor and wall medallions available is truly mesmerizing. They certainly deserve to be installed in the hot spots like entryways and in the corners or the center of the walls or floors. Get as creative as you wish and plan it all, perhaps with sketches, to set up the borders and tile combinations for greater effect. The same tile type all over the floor or wall is hardly interesting and the boredom could be broken up with a few well placed medallions to startle and to excite. The result is greater attractiveness that may better suit business premises, but the home can also be rendered equally interesting.

In terms of expense, it is a worthy one time investment that will endure. A fund for decoration is found in the budgets everywhere since the esthetic factor contributes to well being, happiness and productivity. Spend a little more beyond the basic expenses and reap a windfall of joy. Aruba and Cordoba, Bloomdale and Marcus will set the environment on fire.