Traditional sources of energy are continuously decreasing. Besides they’re causing harm to the environment. And as years go by, the cost of power is getting more and more expensive. That is why it is not a surprise to heard people building their own DIY panels. If you choose to buy solar panels that could costs thousands of dollars. But if you are looking for an economical option, there’s no other way but to build solar panels.

You can start investing your money purchasing materials at around 200 bucks. Last year I visited my friend who was destined in Maryland. I was really surprise because their power is generated by panels. I was just wondering how much they pay for their bills. According to my friend, their energy consumption has been downed by 80 % since they used the panels. See the difference? Let’s your monthly bill is around 2000 something. You will only pay 400.

After I witnessed the amazing features these panels brought, I have invested my money to build my own. It took a week or so for me to complete the project. By the way, I’ve spent 200 dollars for the materials plus the guide book. So all in all, I spent 400 bucks. For the guide book I choose this Earth4Energy. This is an online guide that coaches how to build solar panels. There are also videos that will definitely show you the exact layout. But one thing I high appreciated with this system is that it will allow you decide depend on your house’s power requirements.

There came a point where I have to test if the project I made really works. And I was surprised because it has generated sufficient power to light up my house. I was really glad I invested my money for good. Solar panels can be mounted on the rooftop or at the backyard. But for best results, it is best to place it on the direction where the heat of the sun directly goes.

Having solar panels at home does not need too much maintenance. What you only need to do here is to clean the panels twice in a month. But as you can see winter season is approaching. Does it mean solar panels will not work during this season? To clear it up, the power absorbed by the photovoltaic cells goes directly to the generators which therefore convert it to alternating current. Quite simply, solar panels will even work during winter.

It’s pretty cool to see the electric meter spinning on the opposite direction. So if you want to save your money paying your electric bills, there’s no other way but to build solar panels.