Kiwi carpet cleaning is a great option for anyone looking for cleaning carpets, air ducts, rug repair, carpet repair or more. The cities where Kiwi is available includes Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Little Rock. Call 1-800-333-KIWI to see if Kiwi offers its services in a specific area. The company has been operating since 1987, and ever since it first began it has used the bonnet cleaning method.

There are several major methods of cleaning, but Kiwi has used the bonnet method since it first began. When Kiwi first began offering its services, it would clean homes that had already been cleaned by a steam cleaner. Even after this initial cleaning, the white bonnets that Kiwi uses were completely black. The environmentally friendly carpet cleaner that Kiwi produces for itself is carcinogen free, and has a pleasant citrus scent.

All customers of Kiwi cleaning receive the same basic service that includes six steps. These six steps include vacuuming, grooming, carpet pretreatment, cleaning, and even furniture moving. Not all companies will move the furniture for customers before and after cleaning, and this includes all furniture that is not breakable or too heavy, like a china cabinet or piano.

Kiwi carpet cleaning offers other services, such as carpet repair and air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning is necessary in order to keep the air in a house clean. Air ducts have a tendency of gathering dust, mold, and other harmful substances that is pushed into the air that is breathed in the house. Carpet repair is available for the toughest stains and bleach stains. Repairs are often needed after emergencies like floods, or after heavy pet destruction.

Kiwi carpet cleaning also offers oriental rug washing. All rugs are washed by hands to ensure that no damage takes place. The cleansers used have been PH balanced and have the same light, citrus smell that the cleaning agent has.