When it comes to vacuuming, you know well that it is important to be as thorough as possible. No vacuum cleaner is able to pick up every single dust particle, but if you forget to vacuum a place altogether, it only means there will be all the more dust there. It is safe to say that carpet cleaning services will remedy your carpet, but there are even more places that you should vacuum on your own.

You may not have thought about it, but the vacuum is among the most versatile cleaning tools you have in your home. It is a waste not to make the most of it during your cleaning rounds. Here is what all of those fancy attachment can help you deal with:

Mattress – the mattress is a great environment for dust mites, dust, and other annoying allergens. As such, your good night sleep may not be as good as you wish, but there is a nice remedy. Pluck the upholstery attachment and work it on the top side of the mattress. It is ideal for picking up spoils from the fabric. It is a great solution for cleaning all of the quilted crevices. More importantly, it keeps the mattress fresh so you can sleep without any problem there.

Shades and blinds – window coverings not only get dusty from indoor activity, but also from the outside. After all, these areas are exposed to pollen, dust and a whole bunch of other allergens and spoils. As such, it is important to address the area with your vacuum cleaner. The tool is a great way to refresh any kind of window coverings and give them a nice look.

Windowsills – while you are near the windows, it pays to use the soft brush attachment to go over the dust and dirt on windowsills. If this area is left ignored, it can accumulate a great deal of dirt and dust.

Fridge coils – the fridge is one of the appliances that work non-stop. This workhorse of the kitchen is dust-free only on its front side, where it is easy to use a damp cloth to address dust. However, it is the coils of the appliance you have to think about. You can do a good cleaning service there with the crevice tool. Do this once every season at the very least, to prevent dust from hindering the work of the fridge.

Keyboard – dust easily finds its way into space between keys, but that is not all. If you are used to snacking on your desk while working with the computer, you have crumbs and other food debris get in the keyboard as well. The vacuum cleaner is a nice way to clean all of that.

Ducts and vents – air circulation often leads to severe dust accumulation over time. Before you know it, these air circulators could start blowing dust around the place. Don’t let that happen by regularly vacuuming these areas.

As you can see, there are a few places that require your attention as far as vacuuming is concerned. Be sure to invest the time and deal with the task so that you can improve the environment at home.