When you have got the stuff that needs to be sorted, there are 5 things that you can do to it in order to get it sorted and these are as follows.

  1. Putting away

In this step, you will take all the things that are displaced from their original places and are away from where they are meant to be. You will take all these things and take them back to their original storage location so that they can be taken from that place when needed.

These are of course the items that you will need in future and you had been looking for them for a while since they were not on their allocated places.

  1. Fixing/mending/repairing

In this step you are going to take care of all those things that were away from their designated points because they were out of order and needed fixing.

These might include a lamp with a broken switch or a shirt with a missing button. In this phase you will mend all these things either by doing it on your own or calling the professionals for this purpose. Once fixed, these things will be taken to their original storage points.

  1. Recycling

This is the phase in which the items that can be recycled easily, are sorted out. Recycling is done by taking the things to the place where the recycling is done professionally and each thing is sorted based on the category at which it is allocated.

For example, you will take all the stuff for recycling in a bag and carry it all the way to the bins with different colors for metal, food, glass and such categories.

  1. Trash items

Now that you have gone through all the three above mentioned steps, most of your items have been already sorted and a little number of items are left to be taken care of. Now from the remaining items, you will classify those that are either broken beyond repair, completely damaged or are of no use at all. So throw them away in the trash and get rid of them once and for all.

  1. Donate

Now that you have gone through all the above mentioned four phases, you will see that there are still there and you are unable to sort them. most of them are those items that are in good condition, are special to you but you do not want to throw them away either.

The best thing to do is neither to dump them nor keep them, rather donate them to someone who is deserving and can get happy on having them.

If you cannot find sufficient time to get all these tasks done, then the best thing to do is to call the professionals and ask some house cleaners to come and take care of all the tasks on their own. Under your instruction and supervision, they will be able to provide you all that you look up to.