Installation instructions are provided with every purchase. If you still can’t install it, follow the instructions mentioned below.


At the point when slicing the boards to width and tallness utilizing a handsaw, the enhancing face ought to be facing upwards. At the point when cutting with a jigsaw or round saw, the enhancing face ought to be facing downwards.


A leeway of 2-3mm ought to be left where channels or fittings get through the board even where collars are to be tailored. The leeway ought to be loaded with Wetwall silicone sealant.


On the off chance that a Wetseal is not being fitted then a 3-4mm crevice ought to be left between the board’s base and the shower plate or shower by utilizing packers when altering boards. The holes ought to be then fixed utilizing Wetwall silicone sealant. Wetwall silicone sealant must likewise be utilized on all the corners and topping profiles.

Wall Faces

The boards can be altered to most surfaces utilizing glue, giving they are comprehensive and free from slack particles.

The boards can likewise be altered specifically onto existing tiling given that they have been de-lubed.


Fixtures and shower connections can be settled straightforwardly to the boards utilizing suitable fixings. Heavier things, for example, sanitary and handy furniture will require the procurement of extra backing behind the boards.

Standard Installation

Two Sided Shower

1. Fit an inward corner profile into the corner utilizing suitable fixings (screws), guaranteeing that the crowns are countersunk to forestall fouling when fitting the board.

2. Expel the film from the board’s substance and check for deformities preceding slicing to measure.

3. Apply a globule of sealant into one side of the interior corner profile, the measure of sealant connected ought to cover the channel base to a profundity of no less than 2mm.

4. The boards ought to be fitted such that a crevice is framed between the boards’ base and the shower plate of between 3-4mm. This ought to be recorded with sealant and tidied up flush with the boards’ front once every one of the boards have been fitted

5. In the event that end top profiles are being utilized then these ought to be fitted to the external edges of the board now.

6. Apply a liberal measure of glue in “snakes” to the board and fit into spot guaranteeing that the board’s edge is embedded into the inward corner and a decent seal accomplished.

7. Rehash areas 2-6 for the second board.

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